Here I am... sitting at my table...

So here I am, manning my table at this weekend’s comic expo in Krannert Art Museum…  As you can see here, I added a little extra to my table by setting up a separate section for Magnetic North so it wouldn’t be confused with ALL CAPS.  My old MN display board is getting a little worse for wear – spending almost a year in my friend Kenny’s garage down in Florida probably didn’t help lol!

Overall, the show went very well!  I gave out around 100 free comic books, sold about 50 buttons, and networked with some other really interesting independent artists from the local area and beyond.  I talked to John and Damian about doing this on a more regular basis and also discussed some possible collaborative work with some of the other local artists at the show.

In any case, the expo was an inspiring experience!  It was really nice to meet some fans of the strip and make some new friends!  Thanks to everyone who helped me this weekend, and to everyone who came out and made the event successful!